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 Dark Entries
02/05/20, 343 photos

The gothicly delicious MINX returns to DarkPlay, submitting to Zille, who is of course delighted to get her hands on this hottie! Zille, wearing a super-sexy rubber corset, ... [ more ]

 Nikki: White Strip
07/09/15, 69 photos

A day when Nikki comes to visit is a GOOD day! We took some time out to take some photos, and these of her gorgeous inked body. This was just a warm-up of course for her ... [ more ]

 When Chrissy cums Calling!
04/16/15, 90 photos

Chrissy drops in to borrow one of Penny's girdles and gets a licking in return!

 Nikki: Use Your Fist!
02/15/15, 32 photos

In case tats and knee-high leather boots weren't enough, Nikki decided to take things deeper and show that inked girls really are more hardcore!

 Chrissy & Sunny: Strip
01/21/15, 120 photos

Submissive Chrissy strips her lover, Sunny, out of her corset. Chrissy tries to take advantage of Sunny, but Sunny takes her down and has her way with Chrissy.

 Chrissy & Penny: 
Strap-on Finale
01/12/15, 120 photos

Penny brings Chrissy home for some vigorous strap-on fucking!

 Chrissy & Penny: 
Strap It On!
12/31/14, 120 photos

Penny comes in with her strap-on and is ready for Chrissy now. First she grabs Chrissy’s hair and does her doggy style. Then she flips Chrissy over and goes missionary for ... [ more ]

 Afternoon Delight
07/20/13, 161 photos

Marie and Zille have a “girls afternoon in!” This beautifully shot series of erotic photos focuses on the beauty of two female bodies as the ladies kiss, caress, fondle, ... [ more ]

 Heather & Mina: Get Off
07/16/13, 34 photos

After all that torture and obedience, Mistress Mina puts the Hitachi wand to Heather’s pussy, and gives her some relief. Heather is also rewarded with some real hot kisses. ... [ more ]

 Penny & Chrissy: Sex in the Solarium
02/10/13, 116 photos

Chrissy finds Penny basking naked in her solarium, the predicable ensues...

 Penny & Chrissy: 
Vintage Lust
12/12/12, 155 photos

Penny and Chrissy satisfying there good ol' time lusts!

 January, Natalie & Mina: Love is a Cheap Hotel
09/16/12, 96 photos

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have fantasies of three grrl pile ups just like this one all the time. Natalie, January and Mina fuck and suck each other in turn from ... [ more ]

 Daphne Does It!
08/11/12, 90 photos

Chrissy gets Daphne to do it in devious ways! The red lucite dildo turns out to be a fav! Enjoy the close-ups!

 Lena, Lorelei, Rebecca, & Sapphire: Fisting Orgy!
05/15/12, 205 photos

Lena, Lorelei, Rebecca, & Sapphire plan a girl's night in. In where, you ask? In each other, of course! And guess what they all love! Fisting! Sapphire is a fisting novice ... [ more ]

 Lena, Lorelei, Rebecca, & Sapphire: Fisting Orgy Finale
04/14/11, 87 photos

Fist Fucking Finale! Rebecca, having fisted two girls, takes her turn to get off! And she does! Last of 3 parts. Check out the videos too...

 Lena, Lorelei, Rebecca, & Sapphire: Fisting Orgy #2
03/22/11, 170 photos

Lena, Lorelei, Rebecca, & Sapphire plan a girl's night in and Fisting Fucking is the plan! Loralie takes her turn and you will love the results! Second of 3 parts!

 Chrissy & Penny: WoW
01/22/11, 116 photos

The next morning, Penny invites Chrissy to stay and play a little WoW. Inevitablely, things get out of hand, and hands gets into things, along with tongues, of course!

 Lena: Fist Yourself
12/22/10, 72 photos

Lena loves fisting - herself or other girls! Enjoy these photos that accompany the video!

 Chrissy: Beckoning
10/10/10, 79 photos

Chrissy, nude, moves through shadows and light. She beckons you to join her...

 Roxxie Gets Wet!
09/16/10, 116 photos

Roxxie shows us everything including the kitchen sink!

 Zille: The Thrill Hammer - Video Captures
09/09/10, 179 photos

Zille fuks the first Internet-controlled fucking machine! The Thrill Hammer! Screen caps from the video.

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