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 Chrissy & Penny: Shower Fun #1
Chrissy & Penny: Shower Fun #1
will post on 11/02/18
9:23 minutes, Rated: vanilla

Chrissy and Penny share a post-play shower after a fun-filled BDSM scene. Of course, the fun continues as they lick, finger fuck, and enjoy some shower head!

 Fushia & Roxxie: Strap On
Fushia & Roxxie: Strap On
will post on 10/27/18
7:23 minutes, Rated: semi-kink

Roxxie has naughty Fushia bound in red tape, so she takes the opportunity to take advantage of her. Roxxie must have had this whole thing planned out ahead of time. Fushia ...

 January, Mina & Natalie Minx: Rendezvous x 3 #2
posted: 10/21/18, 5:31 minutes
Rated: vanilla

Strap-on, oral and real licks and kisses! These three lusty lesbians are still at it and bring each other to real noisy orgasms.

 Mina Meow & Natalie Minx:  
Strap-On Fuck in a Local Dive
posted: 10/15/18, 8:53 minutes
Rated: vanilla

Taking a night to escape to their favorite cheap motel, Natalie finds her lover masturbating in bed! She gets out their strap-on and fucks Mina hard with the large dildo ...

 January, Mina & Natalie Minx: Rendezvous x 3
posted: 10/09/18, 7:16 minutes
Rated: vanilla

These three horny ladies all cum together in a seedy hotel room to fuck and suck and fondle each other. Real lesbian lust!

 Chrissy: Smokin' Hot! #2
posted: 09/27/18, 9:50 minutes
Rated: fetish

Chissy continues her smoking break, now with a knobbed and ridged glass dildo! Lots of close-ups as she slowly fucks her freshly shaved pussy while the smoke curls from her ...

 Chrissy & Penny: Bondage in White
posted: 09/21/18, 9:26 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Chrissy is sitting at her vanity table when Penny decides it’s time to play. Chrissy isn’t entirely serious, so Penny has to get rough, tossing Chrissy on the bed and threatening ...

 Chrissy & Penny: Bondage in White Finale
posted: 09/15/18, 8:13 minutes
Rated: kinky

Penny ties Chrissy down so she can’t squirm during sex. Penny knows what she wants, and that’s Chrissy orgasming on her mouth!

 Chrissy: Smokin' Hot! #1
posted: 09/09/18, 9:17 minutes
Rated: fetish

Tricked out in corset and fishnets, Chrissy takes a smoking break. A smoking break means a taking a masturbation break too! You have never seen a bad habit look this hot!

 Chrissy & Penny: Bound
posted: 09/03/18, 9:08 minutes
Rated: kinky

Penny has Chrissy tied up, with her legs spread and totally unable to move. Penny takes full advantage of the now immobile Chrissy, finger fucking her and licking her wet, ...

 Fushia & Roxxie: E-stim #2
posted: 08/28/18, 5:44 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Fushia keeps pulsing Roxxie’s pussy using the e-stim machine. Roxxie enjoys it too much. Watch Fushia shock Roxxie’s pussy until she comes!

 Nikki & Penny: Soft Fuck
posted: 08/22/18, 9:48 minutes
Rated: vanilla

After their BDSM romp with two other tattooed dykes, Nikki takes Penny to the couch for a nice soft, sweet vallina fuck. Yes - we have room for vanilla sex on darkPlay!

 Chrissy & Penny: Point-of-View Sex
posted: 08/16/18, 8:28 minutes
Rated: kinky

Penny brings her own camcorder to a play session with Chrissy. Chrissy is bound and helpless, so Penny can have her way. See what Penny sees during a long luscious oral sex ...

 Fushia & Roxxie: E-Stim
posted: 08/10/18, 5:34 minutes
Rated: kinky

Fushia has an e-stim box to toy with Roxxie! She puts Roxxie in spreader bar bondage to make sure that she sits still, and hooks up the little clips to Roxxie’s labia. Then ...

 Fushia & Roxxie: 
1st Impressions
posted: 08/04/18, 7:00 minutes
Rated: semi-vanilla

Roxxie knows that Fushia has been getting around. Fushia’s coy claims to innocence seem to excite Roxxie even more. Fushia doesn’t resist Roxxie’s advances and doesn’t struggle ...

 Penny: Cumming Clean
posted: 07/29/18, 6:26 minutes
Rated: vanilla

Penny has her own personal afternoon delight masturbating during her afternoon shower.

 Chrissy & Penny: Bound #2
posted: 07/23/18, 10:04 minutes
Rated: kinky

Penny isn’t going to let Chrissy out without making her cum first. After teasing, toying and playing Penny gets out the Hitachi wand and forces bound Chrissy to orgasm! Will ...

 Nikki & Michelle: Fuck Me Now!
posted: 07/17/18, 5:31 minutes
Rated: semi-vanilla

Nikki Brand blindfolds Michelle Aston and gets very raunchy with her!

 Michelle, Nikki & Penny: 
Fresh Meat - Well Done!
posted: 07/11/18, 9:33 minutes
Rated: extreme-kink

After strap on fucking her then icing her cunt down, the two big mean dykes think they can tempt and taunt Penny with some strawberries, but they stumble on something even ...

 Penny & Anna: Sweet Vanilla #2
posted: 07/05/18, 5:48 minutes
Rated: vanilla

More of Anna and Penny and their sexy romp!

 Penny & Anna: Sweet Vanilla
posted: 06/29/18, 9:08 minutes
Rated: vanilla

Sometimes a little vanilla loving doesn't hurt! Anna and and Penny get acquainted. Kissing leads to fingers wandering and tongues dipping into... well, you get the idea! ...

 Lena & Zille: Shower Fuck
posted: 06/23/18, 6:21 minutes
Rated: kinky

After their hot fisting frolic, Zille drags Lena to the shower to finish things off with a hot, wet strap-on fuck!

 Mina & Natalie Minx: Bondage Slut
posted: 06/17/18, 9:44 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Natalie prepares to meet Mistress Mina by wearing a corset and gorgeous lingerie then tying herself in bondage and wearing a ball gag. Mina is very pleased to find this little ...

 Chrissy & Penny: POV Sex Finale
posted: 06/11/18, 7:42 minutes
Rated: kinky

Penny continues to take advantage of her bound pet, Chrissy. Kissing, breast play and of course lots of oral sex all from Penny’s point of view.

 Lena: Morning Fist Fuck!
posted: 06/05/18, 10:49 minutes
Rated: semi-extreme

Lena wakes up alone and horny and fingers are just not enough. Lena love fist fucking and if she doesn't have her lover handy, she's happy to do the job herself!

 Michelle Aston, Nikki & Penny: Fresh Meat
posted: 05/30/18, 11:57 minutes
Rated: extreme-kink

Penny falls into the clutches of the big bad tattooed dykes next door, Michelle and Nikki. They strip her, clamp her nipples, spank her already bruised ass, spread her lips ...

 Samantha Grace & Penny: Naughty Secretary #3
posted: 05/24/18, 8:59 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Has Samantha learned her lesson? With a happy Hitachi forced orgasm ending like this you would think that she has, but you can see that she loves Mistress Penny’s torture. ...

 Samantha Grace & Penny: Naughty Secretary #2
posted: 05/18/18, 7:20 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Penny wants to teach Samantha to be a better typist, so she unbinds her hands for a typing test. For every mistake that Samantha makes, Penny shocks Samantha’s pretty nylon ...

 Samantha Grace & Penny: Naughty Secretary
posted: 05/12/18, 8:17 minutes
Rated: kinky

Samantha and Penny are retro divas in the office. Penny is the boss and is very displeased with Samantha’s performance as secretary. Penny has to inflict some punishment. ...

 Sasha Monet & Zille: Sasha gets spanked! #3
posted: 05/06/18, 11:30 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Sasha Monet has gotten into some trouble at the office, and is referred to Zille to see what can be done to avoid nasty legal difficulties. The thrilling conclusion to Sasha's ...

 Sasha Monet & Zille: Sasha gets spanked! #2
posted: 04/30/18, 7:48 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Sasha Monet has gotten into some trouble at the office, and is referred to Zille to see what can be done to avoid nasty legal difficulties. Here Sasha begins to understand ...

 Sasha Monet & Zille: Sasha gets spanked!
posted: 04/24/18, 8:14 minutes
Rated: semi-kink

Sasha Monet has gotten into some trouble at the office, and it's serious! She is referred to Zille to see what can be done to avoid nasty legal difficulties. Zille of course ...

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